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This is a blog about books and the worlds they transport you (with some of my own musings and writings mixed in). Reading “vicariously” has added immense value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with others! Read on, and enjoy!

Black Stars Above graphic novel

Book Review: Black Stars Above

Wonderfully bizarre, utterly mesmerizing, and deeply profound. A review of the graphic novel Black Stars Above by Lonnie Nadler.

After the Rain graphic novel

Book Review: After the Rain

Cultural identity through the lens of folklore and magical horror. A review of the graphic novel After the Rain by John Ira Jennings and David Brame.

The Buck Stops Here

Book Review: The Buck Stops Here

This hooked me in its head lights and hit me with 70 pages of gory, hilarious, creature feature fun! A review of the book The Buck Stops Here by Sean Seebach.

Unboxed play

Book Review: Unboxed

Followers vs family; choose wisely, lives are at stake. A review of the play Unboxed by Briana Morgan.


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Reading vicariously means actively imagining yourself in the world of the book. Immersion is necessity, and each book is a new world to explore and life to live.

Reading vicariously also means reading with empathy for the characters. It’s about putting yourself in their shoes, even if they’re very different from you.