SFGKW – Introduction

In his introduction to Searching for God Knows What, Donald Miller perfectly captures my own feelings towards God and Christianity: namely that the focus of the Christian walk should be less about the religion (i.e. rules/ideas) and more about the relationship.

Or, as he puts it, getting to know the true nature of God is “more like falling in love rather than understanding a list of ideas”. In just a few pages he lays out the claim that your theology alone can’t save you and Christian conversion is relational.

This is not to say that rules and theology aren’t important, but rather to help us understand that theology is not an end all be all. You can have a bad theology and still be a Christian (you shouldn’t, but you can). Miller posits that theology should act as guardrails in our road to God, keeping our minds focused on truth but allowing our hearts to lead the way.

I think it’s incredibly powerful to understand the truth that “knowing facts about God isn’t the same as knowing God”. As a sentence the delineation seems small, but in practice and in life the difference is immense.

The sad reality is that it’s possible to grow up in a Christian church, have a Christian family, go to a Christian school, have Christian friends, and work for a Christian company all without ever knowing the true nature of God and what our lives should look like in relation to Him.

There’s more to say about all this, but I’ll keep it brief since the Introduction was brief. However, if these first few pages are any indication of where Miller is heading then I’m excited for the journey!

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