#readingwrapup – January 2021

Wow, my reading has really taken a hit this month. January has been rough for a number of reasons, and I feel like I’ve dropped off the planet for much of the month haha. Im not as engaged as I used to be and it totally bums me out. Thankful for the friends and groups in this community though who are always waiting with welcoming arms for when I can pop in. I’m still here and still reading and still trying to catch up on reviews 😑😂

Despite a crappy month, the quality of books I’ve indulged in has thankfully been very high! I also got my @jonathan.janz in for @queensofhorrorbookclub right at the last second for Janzuary, I got to review a couple more graphic novels for @look_beyond_the_veil, and I got to do another buddy read with @mrsdisney_28 🤘🏻💀🤘🏻

Anyways, here’s my #bookwrapup for January! Also, you’ll be seeing some of these titles again as I need to get caught up on writing my reviews 😆

Tried to tag most of the authors by their books!

📘The Nightmare Girl by @jonathan.janz
📘Wormwood by @chad_lutzke and @timmmeyer11

📱Anoka by @shane.hawk
📘The Wall by @gautam_bhatia_books
📘Vintage by @bermanlethe
📘The Dregs by @zacbethompson and @lonnienadler
📘Dark Red, Vol 1
📱Ice Cream Man, Vol 2
📱The Thirteenth Floor, Vol 2

📘The Blackening

Currently Reading 📚
📖Girl on Fire
📖Hope, vol 2

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