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Undone by Blood review

Book Review: Undone by Blood, Vol 1

Part western, part noir, all violent revenge. A review of the graphic novel Undone by Blood, Vol 1 by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson.

Vintage Steve Berman

Book Review: Vintage

For fans of ghost stories, coming of age, and queer representation. A review of the book Vintage by Steve Berman.

Red Station book

Book Review: Red Station

Strong action scenes and a strong female lead. A review of the book Red Station by Kenzie Jennings.

Cradleland of Parasites

Book Review: Cradleland of Parasites

Both beautiful and ghastly, this collection of dark plague poetry is a must-read. A review of the poetry collection Cradleland of Parasites by Sara Tantlinger.

Tender is the Flesh book review

Book Review: Tender is the Flesh

Disturbing social commentary that falls a little flat. A review of the book Tender is the Flesh from Agustina Bazterrica.

Dark Red comic review

Book Review: Dark Red

Vampires come to small town America. A review of the graphic novel Dark Red by Tim Seeley.

Anoka book review

Book Review: Anoka

Great collection of shocking eco-horror, witchcraft, demonic changelings, ancestral ghosts, and vicious werewolves A review of the short story collection Anoka by Shane Hawk.


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