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Underworld Dreams book

Book Review: Underworld Dreams

The strange and thought-provoking journey to the underworld of speculative fiction. A review of the short story collection Underworld Dreams by Daniel Braum.

Buddy Read Book Review: Ghost Mine

I’m glad I had my buddy Janine with me on this spooky and exhilarating ride. A joint review of the novel Ghost Mine by Hunter Shea.

Come Into Me graphic novel

Book Review: Come Into Me

Body horror with a brain. A review of the graphic novel Come Into Me by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson.

Jennifer Strange book

Book Review: Jennifer Strange

When the evil dead are coming, it will take the power of family to turn the tides of hell. A review of the novel Jennifer Strange by Cat Scully.

Blankets graphic novel

Book Review: Blankets

A coming of age tale about faith, family and first love. A review of the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson.

Black Stars Above graphic novel

Book Review: Black Stars Above

Wonderfully bizarre, utterly mesmerizing, and deeply profound. A review of the graphic novel Black Stars Above by Lonnie Nadler.


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