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Book Review: Who’s There?

Eerie collection of horror stories about monsters (human and otherwise). A review of the short story collection Who’s There? by Dimas Rio.

Hell on Mars book

Book Review: Hell on Mars

Exhilarating and page-turning sci-fi action/horror. A review of the book Hell on Mars by J.Z. Foster and Justin Woodward.

The Houseplant Jeremy Ray

Book Review: The Houseplant

If Pixar wrote short stories; emotional and heartfelt storytelling. A review of the short story The Houseplant by Jeremy Ray.

Buddy Read Book Review: Tome

Review bestie Janine and I read an absolutely stunning novel together. A joint review of the novel Tome by Ross Jeffery.

The Easton Falls Massacre

Book Review: The Easton Falls Massacre

An interesting take on the Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) legend. A review of the book The Easton Falls Massacre by Holly Rae Garcia and Ryan Prentice Garcia

Wyrd and Other Derelictions

Book Review: Wyrd and Other Derelictions

Disturbing group of experimental horror shorts that is risky but ultimately rewarding. A review of the short story collection Wyrd and Other Derelictions by Adam Nevill.

Labyrinth of the Dolls review

Book Review: Labyrinth of the Dolls

More creepy killers, more character development, and more cult revelations in this thrilling sequel. A review of the book Labyrinth of the Dolls by Craig Wallwork.

Halloween Season book

Book Review: Halloween Season

An interesting mix of genres and stories for the spookiest of seasons. A review of the short story collection Halloween Season by Lucy Snyder.


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