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The Dregs comic

Book Review: The Dregs

Provocative and darkly satirical. A review of the graphic novel The Dregs by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler.

The Nobodies by Laurel Elizabeth Hasara

Book Review: The Nobodies

A mysterious, poetic, and dark fairy tale. A review of the book The Nobodies by Laurel Elizabeth Hasara.

Gulf Shelly Campbell

Book Review: Gulf

For fans of complex characters, coming of age, and quiet horror! A review of the book Gulf by Shelly Campbell.

The Devil's Mistress David Barclay

Book Review: The Devil’s Mistress

Semi-historical tale of misplaced rage, young love, and fierce vengeance. A review of the book The Devil’s Mistress by David Barclay.

Howls from Hell book cover

Book Review: Howls from Hell

Dive into a plethora of fun stories from a crop of new (to me) authors. A review of the anthology Howls from Hell.


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