Below are nice things that even nicer people have said about working with me. I value all of the relationships I’ve been able to establish in my line of work, and I am eternally grateful that all of these wonderful folks chose to trust me with their projects!


“Ben has been a critical part of our team at Puzzle Box Horror since he started writing and working with us in early 2021. His writing is top notch and his collaboration is fantastic. He is a rare breed of high output and great communication, which is hard to find with contractors. Ben also assists with promotion and editing, and goes above and beyond in everything he does. I can’t recommend Ben enough as a partner on any project.” 

Chad, owner of PUZZLE BOX HORROR

“Ben is my go-to-guy for all kinds of marketing tasks because he is professional, fast and basically the sh*t.”

— Sadie, co-owner of NIGHT WORMS

“Ben has boundless optimism, passion and enthusiasm; But more importantly, these traits also come packaged up in a technically water-tight writing style that makes any editor’s job easier. If you’re an editor under pressure, Ben is undoubtedly your man.

Chris Matthewman, Founder of BEYOND THE VEIL


“I worked previously alongside Ben at Beyond the Veil and currently at Puzzle Box Horror, where we freelance write articles on horror. I class Ben as one of my most valuable acquaintances made through writing, a constant source of support and inspiration, as well as doing a fantastic job of editing my novelette WIRED for self-publishing. A highly recommended individual.”

— Joe Clements, author of SYSTEM RESET and WIRED

Wired by Joe Clements cover with skull