Below is a sampling of the writing and editing work I’ve done. I’ve specifically chosen examples that show my range while also highlighting some of my interests. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the samples!


Exploring the Roots of Folk Horror

A brief overview exploring the history, tenets, and popular examples of the folk horror genre (written for Puzzle Box Horror)

How to Get Your Book Reviewed

A “how to” for indie authors on best practices for getting their books reviewed (written for Puzzle Box Horror)

Best Sci-Fi Horror Comics

A list of the best sci-fi horror comics you need to be reading (written for Puzzle Box Horror)

Ice Cream Man – Comic Review

A review of the graphic novel Ice Cream Man, Vol 1 from Image Comics (written for Beyond the Veil)

Silvers Hollow – Book Review

A review of the novella Silvers Hollow by Patrick Delaney (written for Horror Oasis)

Patrick Lacey Author Interview

An interview with horror author Patrick Lacey (conducted for Night Worms)

National School Nurse Day – PR Piece

A special press release article to celebrate school nurses in Cobb County (written for Cobb County School District)

Tone Up While Tuned In: 8 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

A keyword-driven healthy living and self-help article written for a website with a focus on diet and exercise (read here)

Laughter is the Best Medicine: 8 Health Benefits of Humor

A research-based article written for a lifestyle and wellness website (read here)


WIRED by Joe Clements

I did copyediting for a brand new sci-fi horror novella by author Joe Clements (read here)

Secret Project – TBA

Shhh….it’s an anthology…check back later for more details…

Secret Project – TBA

Shhh….it’s a novella…check back later for more details…